To kick of the North American Element Make It Count season we decided to have a contest in our own backyard; at Nyjah Huston's private skatepark in San Clemente, CA. Hundreds of skaters came from far and wide; some just excited to skate Nyjah's park for the first time, and others with their eyes on the prize - an all expenses paid skate trip to Barcelona. Everyone was ripping, but when all was said and done it was Maurice Jordan who took home first, winning himself a spot in the National Finals, where he'll have a chance to win the "Dream Trip" to Barcelona. 

Heres the official standings: 

14 and up:

1st Place (Overall Winner)- Maurice Jordan

2nd Place- Mateo Real

3rd Place- Berronte Ramirez

13 and under:

1st Place- Brody Ellis

2nd Place- Matthew Franchek

3rd Place- Owen Lutz

Best Trick: Tyson Peterson