While the Nyjah's park was annihilated by the contestants in North America, our South American homies were celebrating the winners to an epic Make It Count in Santiago, Chile. The crew had jam packed the day filled with activities. In the morning there was a free skate clinic  for beginners hosted by Bowlpark. Later, sponsor yogu yogu gave away boxes of their delicious drink as well as tickets to the upcoming music festival, Lollapalooza. By time the contest started, the park was filled with spectators and skaters from all over Chile. The skating was next level. Dudes ripped parque Araucano to shreds. In the end, it was Mathias Letelier who sealed his position as overall winner with his mix of style and tech skating. He will be going to Brazil to compete in the South American MIC in the next few months. After the contest, Element hosted a documentary on Chilean rider Spiro Razis. All in all, it was a great day!

Heres the official standings:


14 and up: 

1st Place (Overall Winner)- Mathias Letelier

2nd Place- Cristian Dawson

3rd Place- Jesus Muñoz


13 and under:

1st Place- Ronald "Miguelito" Ramierez

2nd Place- Alan Gonzalez

3rd Place- Emmanuel Barahona